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SRC Mission

Develop and maintain a group of people who share a desire to build a self-reliant community, who live within walking distance of one another, and who, with their families, are equally prepared to live and prosper with or without modern systems and infrastructure.

SRC Purpose

This group is intended to create a community of people who are concerned about the precarious condition of our society and who are interested in joining together to create a more resilient and self-reliant group of people who share common interest in safety, security, and well-being in their homes and neighborhoods.​

​To that end, we will jointly identify weaknesses in modern systems and in our personal self-reliance capabilities and work together to create a neighborhood-based organization which, working together, can be self-reliant in all the skills and resources required to be happy and safe at home.

This effort will include assembling tools and skills that would allow families (of one or more people) to collectively survive if all the modern systems of our current lifestyle were suddenly unavailable for an extended time period.

​I believe that parent’s first responsibility is to provide for their family and that fathers hold the primary responsibility for that effort. Providing for a family must certainly include ensuring self-reliance for their family.  Recognizing this responsibility, the SRC will attempt to be a place where men will bond together sharing the unique qualities of true manhood as they develop self-reliance in their family. Although providing self-reliance is primarily a father’s responsibility, we invite all parents to participate in order to more fully and quickly advance the concepts of self-reliance in families and households.

The content of this web site and more especially the blog are intended to help interested people create and maintain local groups who work together to achieve self-reliant communities. It is hoped that individuals who read the material will comment and engage to help improve the quality and scope of the various discussions. Beyond that, it is also hoped that the content will allow community groups to form and prosper in many areas and that those groups will help their own community and the larger community of people who engage in the blog.

​Although this may sound like a prepper movement, I do not consider it to be so. This effort is intended not create islands of individual isolation and preparation. Rather it is intended to create small communities of like-minded people who are striving to secure safety, security, liberty, and well-being of their group. Every person is responsible for their own well-being and preparation; in that instance it is like the traditional prepper movement. But this group anticipates banding together to share skills and tools that while individually owned can be shared throughout the group so not every person must be skilled in every requirement. Think of it as a town in the 1850’s where they worked together to meet the needs of the town, freely trading among themselves for their individual well-being but banded together to ensure overall safety and well-being. In this way it is vastly different from traditional prepper activities.

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