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I thought I should provide a brief update on what has happened since I last added to the blog. For some time I have been tracking site visits and doing things with the site and the blog to encourage activity among the few people who have indicated an interest.

After several months of watching and adding things to the site to increase engagement, I have observed that there is really no interest in this topic. The few people who have visited the site have not seemingly been interested in engaging in the original concept of the site.

When I started this site, it was my hope that this site could build a community of local people who engaged with each other to share ideas and resources and thus create a local community that was focused on becoming self-reliant within their community and scope of influence. That was the stated goal in the original site documents.

The site was built to support that result in very small, local areas.

To date, I have not seen anyone who actually engaged on the site in a way that would build or improve local self-reliant communities. Because of that lack, it seems that the work of trying to build and maintain this site is not really producing any useful result. I do not want to create or support a site that causes people to think that because they read something they have become more self-reliant. Self-reliance is an incredibly difficult thing that requires a lot of work and transitioning of resources. Reading about it does not change anything; only really hard work actually changes anything.

It was my hope in the beginning that we could create a community of people that could share resources and skills to really improve self-reliance. It has become clear that this vehicle is not producing the intended result. As a result, my activity with this site is probably going to drop off dramatically.

If future readers develop an interest in creating self-reliant communities after the model of the basic documents of this site, I can still be reached through the site and would re-engage on the topic. Until or unless that happens, I will become busy doing other things that will help me to be more self-reliant. It is my opinion that only self-reliant people will survive the storm that is rapidly overtaking all of us. Being self-reliant alone is so difficult that I fear I will not get there in time but that will be my focus.

As a closing comment, please know that I do not hold any ill feelings about the failure of this effort. I know that everyone is very busy, constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions all the time. We must each allocate our limited time to the things we feel are most important. I do not begrudge in any way, the decisions of individuals in the proper use of their time and resources and wish only the best for you all.

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