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New Features on the SRC Website

This week, I added a new feature to the site that I hope will be useful for everyone. In the past you were invited to Subscribe to the site. Subscribing provides you with a notice when an update is posted to the site. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed so far.

This week, I added a Members feature. On the website, you will find that the menu bar has changed. On the left side there is a new area to sign up to become a site member. Clicking on the login area will allow you to sign up as a site member and then log into the site on future visits.

Becoming a member will open up several new capabilities.

  1. You will be able to post comments or questions on any blog entry.

  2. You will be able to find other members in your area

  3. You will be able to submit questions or topic suggestions

As a member, you will be able to comment or ask questions on any blog post. At the bottom of each blog post there is an area for comments. As a member, you can click in that area and add comments or ask questions. These comments and questions become part of that blog for all to see.

Members will be able to find other members in their area. There is a new page to the site called Groups List. There is one public group for all members. On this group, you can submit questions or suggest blog topics. Additionally, there are geographic groups. Geographic groups are intended to allow members in the same area to become acquainted and share ideas that are pertinent to their particular area. There are two geographic groups so far. My intent is to create more geographic groups as members request them. One of the goals of the SRC is to develop small groups of like-minded people who can build a self-reliant community where they live. See the Organizational page for a refresher on this concept. If you want to join a geographic group or do not see a geographic group in your area and would like to start one, just send an email with your name and email address using the site Contact screen. I will add a group for your area and will add you to that group. Geographic groups are only accessible by members who are added to the group based on their location.

Using the All Members you can post questions or possible blog topics. This group is open to all members.

I hope you find these new features as exciting as I do. I am hopeful that these changes will expand individual participation in the content of the site and will encourage others to join the community. I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks to member jlwaite5 for his help in developing these new ideas for our community.

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