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Easter – Come Unto Christ

Happy Easter to everyone. By the time you read this, Easter will have come and gone but I have felt it needful to share a few of my thoughts on this day. Easter is the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, for many this idea is somewhat nebulous and for many it is without meaning.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The doctrines related to that Church focus me on Jesus Christ. My beliefs will be apparent in the things I write on this site and hopefully in the things I do each day. They are especially pertinent to the origination of the Self-Reliant Community. They affect the things I do to become self-reliant and the things I will share to help others become self-reliant and more importantly to build a self-reliant community.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a worldwide organization with a mission to invite all to come unto Christ. When I speak of coming to Christ it is not with either intent or expectation that you will believe or accept the doctrines of my faith. But coming to Christ is central to the foundational idea of a self-reliant community. The doctrines He taught are the blueprint for a self-reliant community.

Daily efforts to come to Christ will lead us, individually, to truth. Continued, regular efforts will eventually lead us to all truth because He is the source of truth. Jesus Christ is our example in all things. In birth, He came humbly and quietly. In life, He was fully aligned with God, the Father; by His own words, He did only what He saw His Father do. In death, He provided infinite service and died with ultimate dignity. In resurrection, He opened the way for us and showed us our future.

Many things that I know about Christ come from my religious affiliation. Many things that I know about Christ come from my interaction with other people who do not share my religious affiliation. I am hopeful that the Self-Reliant Community will be an opportunity for us to collectively come to a fuller knowledge of truth as it relates to becoming self-reliant. Because I believe Christ is the source of all truth, He will from time to time be part of my discussion. I will unavoidably share things that are related to my religious faith. Such statements are not an attempt to change other’s religious beliefs; they simply reflect my understanding. Just as I have learned from people who do not share my religious affiliation, I am hopeful that members of the Self-Reliant Community will share by both considering ideas and providing new ideas and views in ways that will build each member of this community, regardless of individual religious beliefs. Such an approach is foundational to religious liberty and strong community.

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